Consolidating SMS notification numbers to US shortcode

Tomorrow, June 16th, 2020 we will be replacing our US long codes and toll-free numbers with a shortcode.

Specifically, with the shortcode: 675-79

This number is the number providers will get notified from that a patient checked in, and if a provider chooses to invite their patient via SMS. There are a few instances when a long code will still be used:

  • The receiving number cannot receive from shortcodes - it will fall back to a long code
  • If the receiving number is outside the USA, it will fall back to a local shortcode or US long code

The standard START/STOP/HELP phrases allow you to control messages you get from this number.

Please post here for any questions or comments.

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Does this mean the SMS notification to patients is working? I’m reading conflicting reports and haven’t seen a solid update regarding this.

Hi @CHealth yes it should be working. Where are you seeing it is not working? and I can update it.