Countdown tiner

Any chance you could add a countdown timer that both client and therapist can see, like zoom meetings have?


Great idea! Would be very helpful to both client and therapist!


I frankly think that it is a TERRIBLE idea. It will be too distracting for the patient.

I love this idea! I don’t think clients will be distracted.

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I agree, I think this would be distracting to both client and therapist.

I think this would be a GREAT and USEFUL optional feature to have. So those that could really benefit can have it and those that don’t like the idea of it, or find patients don’t like it, can not use the feature. For patients who have time management challenges, or practitioners, this can really help people manage their limited time together well. OR even an option where a notification/timer occurs at 5 minutes before the end mark. This can also help with really talkative patients, or patients who have a hard time ending, using technology to help everyone stay on schedule, remind people their time is ending soon.


Thank you all for your interest in this topic! You can track the status of this request on our new Product Feedback site. Here is a link to the post where I will add your vote so you can automatically receive email updates as its status changes.

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I think it would be very useful to have a visible clock for the patient (the same that we have on our side), but I think having a “count-down timer” would certainly be distracting. Personally, as a patient, I asked my (face-to-face) therapist to have a clock that I could see because I do experience time-blindness and didn’t want to be blindsided by an unexpected ending. As a psychiatrist/therapist, I have multiple clocks in my (physical) office so that patients who are so inclined can keep track of the time they have remaining (sometimes to keep me from keeping them late because of my time blindness).

As for, it would be great if a clock for the patient could be something an option that the therapist could choose. Perhaps even more useful would be to have a simple on/off so it could be easy to customize from one patient to the next if necessary.