Country does not have payment subscription with Stripe

Hi, we’re a small clinic based in the Philippines and was wondering if there are other clinics here that use Or if there are providers using but your country is not listed among the country’s where Stripe can work (payment feature)? If there is anyone there who can help me, I’m trying to get in touch with support but can’t seem to get through. We’re subscribed to the clinic version and on a bind because this was the feature that we really need to have. It’s inconvenient to request payment from patient on a different app.

What most other providers in your situation do is embed a link to their Paypal account directly into their waiting room. Patients can then send the money via Paypal before the consultation begins, and you should get an email notification that it has been received, then you can begin the consultation.

You can also use some other payment service, of course.

We’ll try to do this for now so we’d have something working. Hopefully, Stripe can respond to our request that they include the Philippines in the list soon. I’m just surprised the country was not in the list.

I’m surprised too, it’s a massive country!