Couples or family session need to see both clients faces

When clients are calling in from separate locations, clinically it is helpful to see both clients faces and their facial expressions, in equal sizes at the same time, rather than one in a small box at the right hand corner.


I second this request! For me to be a productive family or group therapist, I have to be able to view all participants simultaneously in a grid view, rather than spotlighting the speaker.

When a patient is speaking the expressions on their parents’ faces are critical to the provision of quality therapy. It gives me a sense of what they might be feeling, it tells me when I need to give someone a chance to speak or encourage them to speak up, it clues me in on how emotions are communicated in a family system, etc.

Please make this change! Thanks!


I agree with this request


I’ve wondered why they don’t have this already. For therapists like myself, it’s an important function as I work with couples and a parent with their child. However, it would seem equally useful to medical practitioners interacting with the primary patient and another person such as an involved family member.


Yes please. This is important !!

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I am in complete agreement with the topic of allowing more interaction in group sessions. Thank you for considering any updates to the group session feature.

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Agreed. We need to be able to see both people in a group not just select one for the big screen.

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Yes, please! We need to be able to see all participants in as large a format as possible.

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Agreed. When seeing couples, both faces must be able to be on the center screen at all times.

Just want to concur that this is crucial. It’s challenging enough to see families on video, but not being able to see everyone clearly would be a real hindrance. I just upgraded to Pro so I could use the group feature in family therapy, first session next week, so I hope I’m not too disappointed.

I support this request. In addition, the camera needs to have a wider angle so that when two people are sitting in front of one camera, I can see both their faces without them having to be so far away I can’t hear them. I also want my camera to show more than a headshot so that my hand motions are more visible.

Just want to follow up, I know it’s been a few weeks. As I mentioned, I had upgraded to the Pro version so I could see more than one video stream at once. I tried to work with a small family, but as others have said, I needed to keep clicking on the tiny thumbnails in order to see the faces of family members-- it’s so important to view the faces and body postures of multiple family members. I was quickly frustrated and disappointed with Doxy as a platform for more than 1 client at a time, and I downgraded my subscription back to the free version. It works well for individual therapy.

Also second this request. It is critical to our work.

And if we could start a group call with several participants simultaneously this would be preferable to starting with one and then adding others to the call.

Thank you.

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It is very important that when I see couples and groups that their images be the same size.
There needs to be a gallery option.
Thank you.

I too have to be able to view all participants simultaneously in a grid view, rather than spotlighting the speaker. Equally important, each participant should be able to see everyone else in a grid view. As things stand now, the screen shows the full pic of whoever is talking. When participants ‘talk over’ each other or have short exchanges, the full screen hops from one speaker to another - like a demented strobe light! Very disconcerting and disturbing for all concerned.

Have there been any changes since this original post? I was hoping to join pro so that I can conduct family therapy sessions but I’m switching from another online platform that also doesn’t give any view beyond thumb nail images of people not talking. Doxy is great for individual sessions but really want to maintain the connection with multiple clients at the same time when working with families signing in from multiple computers.

Hi @lizgarrison thank you for posting. I’m happy to announce this is available on Group calls now. Learn more here: Gallery View Beta

Thank you. Testing it out today. Much appreciated