Crackle and pop sound

There is a crackling sound during session. How can this be eliminated?

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A couple questions:

  1. Is this happening with every patient or the same patient? If it is happening with every patient it could be on your end. If it is only happening with one patient, it could be on their end.
  2. Have either of you done a speed test lately? Just want to make sure bandwidth or connection isn’t a factor here.
  3. What device are you and your patient on? If you switch to another device, does the audio quality get better?


  1. First, I would see if you and/or the patient can use headphones. This may be the manic trick!
  2. Do a speed test just to make sure your connection is up to speed no pun intended!
  3. Switch devices, maybe either of you to a laptop or cellphone, visa versa.
  4. Check out our complete list of improving audio quality.

I hope these recommendations help, but we are always here if you need support.

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-Paige Treadway