Crackling on patient's side when I speak

I have this issue with two different patients. About 15 to 20 minutes into a session, a crackling sound occurs on the patient’s side right after I speak. I say something, crackle crackle, I say something longer, crackle crackle crackle, I say something shorter, crackle, and so on. This is very disruptive and does not go away when I reset or when the patient signs out and signs back in again.

Any thoughts or assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you!


I’ve seen this issue before, seems to be audio feedback from speaker to mic on patient side. They might turn down their sound volume a bit. (Same thing with phoning in to a talk radio show if your radio is still on).

I had this happen today as well. Every time I spoke, my client and I could both hear a crackling noise that echoed my speech pattern. I will try asking the client to turn down their sound next time. Thanks for the response.


I have the same issue every week with a client. I hope we get some answers soon. It was happening in my group and a group member was going to stop. However, everyone used ear phones with mics last week and there were no problems. So you might try this as well.

Thank you all so much for your replies. It’s really been helpful. Last evening, I asked one of my “problem” patients to use the wired ear buds she had available and we had absolutely no problem at all! Yay! Today I’ll meet with my second “problem” patient and see if we can do the same thing.

This seems to have solved the problem. Thank you again!

I am having this problem too and have tried use of ear plugs and turning down volume on client side and reloading but still weekly having the issue with some clients.

Please any thoughts or assistance will be appreciated. thank you.


When I called Doxy Support Center, they referred me to the following article:

This did not address my particular issue, but might be helpful in your case.

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This happens a lot for me. The client is always on iOS device. If I mute my microphone, the crackling goes away. It’s very annoying and I’ve reported it to Doxy several times. They apparently are aware of it but have no clue how to fix it. Switching to another platform like Google Meet always fixes it.


I have the same problem - other than having my patient use ear buds - I do not know what else works!

The cracklin sound comes from Iphones when their screen memory is used up. The only way we have found to eliminate it is by completely disconnecting and reconnecting the phone.

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Hi Larrylohman,

When you say disconnecting and reconnecting do you mean just ending the video call and having the patient get back on again, or restarting the phone completely?

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We have found that having the Iphone disconnect completely and then reconnect fixes the noise. My wife and I are both doing telemedicine and we both have found that that solution works. Unfortunately the phone will do it again in about 15-20 minutes unless the Iphone user turns off the power on their phone and restarts.

Larry Lohman


I have the same problem and it is annoying and disruptive
I wish doxy could help us out with this !!!


That article was helpful. thank you

I have this issue with some clients who use an iPhone. It seems to get worse as the session progresses typically the last 20 minutes of the session is hard to continue it’s so bad. It appears those clients phones were overheating. When they use a different device or change the platform, there’s no issue.

After some investigation it appears may be an iPhone specific problem, there are mentions on Apple forums about facetime having same problem (
How to Fix iPhone Echo Problem- dr.fone
Are Your Callers Hearing an Echo from Your iPhone 11 Pro? You’re Not Alone

Briefly, looks like is Apple issue, may be software so might be fixed in future releases. Suggestions out there include:

  1. Turn down the volume
  2. Use earbuds or headset, rather than speakerphone
  3. Remove phone from its case which might be causing feedback
  4. Patient could try muting sound then unmuting, might eliminate it.
  5. Worse case, reboot the phone.

Wow! This is great! Thank you all so much.

drericgeller, thanks especially for your insights and research.

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I, too, i have experienced this at times. I have discovered that it has usually occurred when the pt is using their cell phone as the mic and speaker are often situated more closely together on the device. I have asked them to mute their mic when not speaking, and it has seemed to help. Interestingly, it seems to happen more with an iPhone as opposed to a couple who have used android phones. I am not sure if that merely coincidence, or … :slight_smile:

Thank you all for this thread. I’ve been having this issue and I’m excited to try some of these fixes next week and see if it works.
I wish Doxy would address it or have an faq about it. It doesn’t happen to me on any other platform…


I have the same issues with the crackle sounds. I’m on a Mac and it seems to happen randomly. It is NOT the same client. It doesn’t seem to choose just one or two but once it begins it seems to amp up and its worse. I ended up going off Doxy two days in a row and calling my clients. When Doxy is working its great but this week has not been Doxy’s best showing.
I also put on my headphones but that didn’t help either. I’m sorry to complain but please help.