Crackling on patient's side when I speak

Right but I pay for Doxy so that should not be happening. I’ve experienced the crackling too. There doesn’t seem to be a logic to why it’s happening.


I find the most disconcerting part of the “crackling sounds” is that it sounds like someone is typing and transcribing. Terrible. I’m a paying subscriber hoping That the service improves.


Just had client on an iPhone connected by WiFi where the crackling started about 15 minutes into the session. The client indicated she was using and new iPhone with the most up to date software. She logged of and logged back using 5G and the crackling continued. She them logged on with a laptop on the same WiFi network and the crackling went away. The data is piling up that this is an issue with and iPhones.


Yes, it seems that way. In the meantime, a workaround is to ask your client/patient to use earphones or earbuds. That eliminates whatever feedback seems to cause the crackling. Sigh!

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Before I saw your post–I just posted the identical concern under the topic “Audio Problem”. Sounds like this is not an issue of speed or bandwidth. I agree, it is quite common, very problematic, and we will need to find a fix if my office is to continue and expand our use of Doxy.


Yes. Having same problem but not limited to iPhone or even other Apple products. Having the same concern with android phones and with PC laptops.

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Assume this platform is overwhelmed with the COVID-related increase in use. But yes, This is not the quality I am paying for. (Nor will I continue paying for if it cannot be resolved.)

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This issue seems to involve some kind of sound feedback when a patient is not using headphones or earbuds. The work-around is to have them use either headphones or earbuds and the problem goes away. I haven’t experienced this issue with other platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.), so it seems at least possible for doxy to look into it.

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So far I see nothing about fixing this problem, why not, we are all paying to use the service.


Today was the first time I experienced this particular issue, after 3-4 months on this platform, and it only occurred with 1 session (20 minutes in), the other 3 video sessions were fine. I posted in another thread before I found this thread. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who provided the informative answers here, I will attempt to use these solutions the next time I see that particular client (assuming the problem recurs with his phone).

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very disappointing had same problem with couple we were all over the house trying to keep connection frustrating

I’ve been having an email “conversation” with someone from Doxy who’s saying this has to do with having too low a network speed on one side or the other. Since that doesn’t make sense to me (for example, having the patient use headphones or earbuds is a workaround but I doubt it increases the network speed anywhere :wink:), I continue to go back and forth.

I persistently ask “why the crackle” and that’s what I get. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and spent over 20 years in the computer industry, including doing tech support in my early days. So, I’m not a novice. It feels a bit like I’m getting a pat answer to the wrong question.

At any rate, if I get a satisfactory answer, I’ll certainly let you know! :innocent:


It can happen with any platform I think. It is a type of feedback, usually because the speakers at one end are turned up too high, which is why a headset alleviates the problem. Google meet claims to have a sound filtering mechanism, but I’m not sure if that affects this phenomenon or not. I suppose there could be other causes as well.

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Dr.Dan, I agree with you. I doubt network speed would be the cause. Headphones shouldn’t affect that. Also, I am guessing that we could turn off video and the audio problem would persist.

I think it is a problem rooted in the platform that Doxy uses. We use some other platforms as backups when this problem occurs, and the problem is fixed when we change.

When we first began running into this problem, I searched high and low for other platforms having this problem. Instagram had a minor clicking problem for a while, and were able to fix it (search “instagram clicking noise”). But this problem was very minor compared to what we are occasionally enduring.

I am aware of another telehealth technology that also has users complaining of this same problem, also describing how intolerable it is. My guess is that this other technology (specific to a certain EHR) is using the same platform as Doxy. But their support group is closed to only their users, so I have very little information.

I think our best hope to solve this problem would be to find a way to reproduce the problem on demand. If any of us had a phone that typically had this problem, we could have Dr.Dan’s Doxy contact call it, and experience this for himself. Or perhaps I am wrong, maybe its not certain phones that do this, just certain conditions. Whatever it is, I am hoping that we can get this problem to the “problem identified and working on a solution stage”

Hoping someone can figure this out.

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My contact stated that she sent my issue to their “Experience team” but I have yet to hear from them. I’ll let you know if I do, but don’t hold your breath. :neutral_face:

I get the same exact thing, when I speak there is a horrible crackle sound. It gets worse as the sessions goes on. I usually ask, “Are you on an iPhone?” and they say yes. It only happens with an iPhone. I tell people right up front to not use their iPhone for their session. I don’t know what else to do.

I’ve heard some people say use headphone They must mean for me to use headphones and not my client, because one of my clients was wearing headphones when this happened. Hanging up and reconnecting doesn’t work for me.

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Yes i too hear this sound. The first time i thought it was a transcriber which is totally disconcerting. I already do Telehealth with paranoid patients who even more so in hearing these sounds get disconcerted to say the least. Doxy should make it all paid subscriptions and amp up their service.

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Hi Dr.Dan
On another thread, I saw the explanation of low latency being the cause to the Crackling sound, and it still didn’t make sense to me. Especially considering that headphones solves the problem, yet certainly doesn’t address the connection speed.

But, perhaps this explanation does make sense.

If the noise cancellation processing is occurring upstream (not on the device, either at the cloud or servers), then low latency could be the cause.
If that were the case, then headphones don’t solve the problem, they just prevent the problem.
By this, I mean that the problem is low latency connections prevent the noise cancelling from working effectively.
Using headphones negates the need for noise canceling.

I am still hoping for a solution, but perhaps this understanding will help us to prevent it.

Here is a link to my post on the other thread with a bit more depth. Keyboard clicking during session


dnelson, huh, that’s interesting. It does make some sense. Thank you!

thanks please let us know I have tried all suggestions I think its the platform