Create groups for setting room sharing permissions

It would be helpful to have “groups” of users who can be granted to either one or multiple providers for access to their room to help patients check in and troubleshoot audio/video issues. Currently, we need to access each provider, one at a time, and add people to access their room by choosing from the list. Not efficient and hard to maintain.

An example would be a group of Medical Assistants who have access to several provider’s rooms for meeting with each patient, and then placing them back in the waiting room for the provider.

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@joe-vita really great feedback. You’ll be pleased to hear, we are actually looking into something exactly like this. @Schuyler can help elaborate or perhaps even set up a time to chat with us so we ensure we’re solving this correctly.

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Hey Joe,

We are working on this currently. I just sent you a DM!


I am very interested in this enhancement - looking forward to hearing more about it!

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