Create users for my IT Staff

I am trying to get these accounts added. I dont see any way to add these without buying them licenses. Right now i am the only one from IT that can access the clinical dashboard. I really need to get accounts setup for my other staff.

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You can request additional admin staff seats through the Doxy Bot. I found that out yesterday in the help documentation:

I found this and tried to do it this way. I keep getting a response from the doxybot telling me to go back to this and link and tells me how to do it. Maybe i should try this again and see if it works today.

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Follow these instructions:
Go to Dashboard >> Click on HELP bottom Right Corner of page >> Click on Bot Support >> Click on Back arrow “<” on top Left Corner of dialogue box >> Click on New conversation >> Click on Clinic account help >> Click on Add admin/staff to Clinic >> Click on number of seats

Am I correct in understanding that there is no charge for the extra seats for admin staff seats? I’ve requested extra seats, however, when I return to “Clinic Settings” > “Manage Users”, I see the same screen I used when adding providers. If I complete the info and click “invite”, I am afraid there will be a provider charge associated with this. Does anyone have any info/ideas?
Thank you!

It seems you have to follow the above instructions as the staff is done by doxy support. I have followed these the other day and still havent gotten themn added. So when LSigg replied this i just tried it again. Hopefully this time will work.

This appears to be a manual process that takes 2-3 days per the Bot. I am still awaiting the results on this as well but only just started the process today.

When I applied for the extra spots, I received a message stating it would take 48-72 hours to get them. I did have them w/in about 48 hours.