Customize Initial Text Message Text

Please add capability to customize the initial text message text which is sent to patients.


Yes, please make this happen.

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+1 A customisable SMS invitation would be very welcome.

Thanks for the suggestion! I think this is something our developers have on their radar.

The issue is this: Our policy, in order to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other relevant privacy legislation, is to never store patient PHI on our servers. If/when we allow providers to edit the invitations sent via our system, they will inevitably put PHI into the invites. So this will require a change in strategy for us, at least in this narrow circumstance.

That does not mean it is impossible, just that it is a big task, and it will take a little time to find a solution. Unfortunately it’s the price of protecting patients’ privacy. But many people request this, and we want to deliver it if we can.

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That makes sense about the PHI, but in the meantime, could there at least be a drop down for the text options for Spanish, French, etc? I saw this discussed on other threads, but I haven’t seen a solution yet. I know it is set to automatically detect the language on the pt side, but I think many of our patients don’t know how to set the language on their phones to their native language. Thanks!

Agreed! Would be extremely beneficial to add addl text. For example, Date & Time of appt. Thanks!

We have a major “internationalization” project under way, due to be rolled out sometime in the next few months. I don’t know the exact timeline. But this should be a part of that.

Sorry I opened another topic on this but I have just set a Room Passcode and I would very much want the passcode to be automatically included in the text message.