Customize Template for Default Email Client Invite

I would like to be able to alter the template text when we choose to invite via our Default Email Client. Now I have to change the text in every email I send and we should be able to customize it in so that when we choose Default Email Client, it puts what we would like to say in the invite, not the standard message. Also I would like it to include the ability to change the Subject Line as well. Thank you so much. There was another post on this in March but it was closed.


Thanks for the great feedback!

I agree, and would also like to have a customized text message invitation, and reminder message. I need a version in Spanish, I need to be able to provide other instructions or information.

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I took would like to have the ability to customize the text and email message invitation. I would like to have the ability to REMOVE the password information that is included in the invitation message that is sent.
Working as a domestic violence advocate -confidentiality and privacy is very important. We GIVE our clients the password verbally ahead of our appointment…so that no one other than the client has the ability to log into to meet with the counselor. Many of our client live with their abusive partner, or the abusive partner demands access to their computer/phone…and if the password is included in the message, it can be dangerous. That is also the reason we don’t have our logo prominently displayed. Please take this into consideration and make this provision available.

This is all extremely good feedback. Thank you so much as we are continuously looking to make the platform more user friendly and certainly safe for patients.