Default Gmail Email


I have 2 Gmail accounts. When I email a client a link, how do I choose which GMAIL account I would like to send if from?

Thank you for posting, @naomisimon. I’ll look into this some more, but I’ll start out with what I know from personally operating with two Gmail accounts.

I’m going to assume you’re using Chrome, but I don’t think it actually matters. Whichever Gmail account you’re logged into as the primary or the first one you logged into when you were logged out of both (which would also be the one that you’re logged into Chrome with) will be the account that links open with by default. So every time you clicked to send an email using Gmail as a web service or using Gmail as your default email client from, it would open in that account.

I’m going to test if there’s a current way to change that.

I did discover a workaround where you can change which account you are sending from if it does not open initially in the correct account. You can verify which account you’re currently sending from in the header of the tab you’re on (where it says "Compose Mail - " and then your Gmail address). If your two addresses are similar, like mine in the screenshots, you may need to hover your mouse over the header for the full line to appear.

When the new tab is opened with the email message in it, the beginning of the URL in the address bar will be and the number 0 in there indicates that you’re using the default or primary Gmail account.

If you change that number 0 to the number 1 so the URL begins, then the message will open in your secondary Gmail account.

I will also bring this back to the team to see if there is a better way can solve this problem.