Desktop Safari Support


You’ve been asking for it and today we released beta support for Safari on Desktops!

You’ll be able to start a call from Safari or start a call with someone on Safari from any of our other supported browsers (Chrome/Firefox). Almost all of the extensions work except you won’t be able to share your screen from Safari, although you can request someone else’s screen if they are on Chrome or Firefox.

We are hard at work getting Safari operable on mobile devices, so we hope to make more progress on that soon.

If you prefer Safari over Chrome/Firefox give it a shot and let us know if you see issues we can correct!


Hi, I’m brand new to this and confused about one thing. The patient instruction video said patients need to use Chrome or Firefox. Is that no longer the case? Also, do I, as a provider need to use Chrome or Firefox? I signed up for the service today using Safari.
Thank you very much!!!
As a provider who only rarely uses telemental health, I am very grateful for a free service.

  • Sharifa