Difficulty with connectivity today

my clients have had difficulty logging in - long connection times and multiple freezing
during videos
anyone else having these issues today?

Yes. We had to switch to Facetime.

Yes I had to switch back to old telehealth provider and to facetime

Who is your other provider? Is it more reliable?

Thanks much

Consistently freezing throughout the sessions this week, whereas this was not occurring in previous weeks. Needed to re-start several sessions, often needing to reschedule due to multiple outages in a single session. Paying client. Please resolve asap.

Thank you, everyone, for letting us know about the issues you are experiencing. We are looking into these reports to understand where the problem lies. If you would like to help us get to a root cause more quickly, please write in via chat (bottom right of your dashboard) or via email (support@doxy.me) with the dates, times, and room URL (if part of a Clinic subscription) when these issues occurred so we can analyze those calls.

It happened again today. The endlessly spinning circle saying that we would be connected soon. There was nothing wrong with my broadband or my client’s, as was obvious as soon as we switched to Facetime. I also had a perfectly fine video chat with a friend on Facebook Messenger. Please sort this soonest.

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I had this problem several days ago, a refresh of the browser cured the problem rapidly. I was happy that the refresh did not disconnect the call.

Multiple times today, poor connectivity, having to start sessions over or do them by phone

Connection Problems. I tried to send a message on the help box as Cullen asked, but the categories did not fit my problem and phone call not possible with my schedule. I have problem connecting with 2 clients I get the spinning circle that never stops. I try refresh and sometimes works. Then I ask my client to leave and come back into the waiting room. Can take 2-3 tries for this to work. Last time was Friday, 9/24. Connection attempts as 11:32 am, 11:36 & 11:38. Last time successful.

Thank you for commenting, @sandrakearns. At the specific times you mentioned, it seems to be a very clear case that your client had a very poor connection which caused the issues. In fact, on the first two attempts, the connection was so poor that their device could not get connected to the call at all:
image image

There is only one line on the above graphs because you were the only person able to connect to the call. In the third call, the client had just enough of a connection to get connected to the call, but still spent the first half of the call with very poor connection and was up and down during the second half of the call:

The green line above is the client and the blue line is you. Please note that the times on all of the graphs reflect my local time which is Eastern Daylight Time.

no had to discontinue the old one due to no replies to issues

Yes, Client could not access this afternoon.

was until a month ago. Dropped my service without notice, my credit card was lost and tried contacting them to put new card in, no return calls just cut my service off and free service is now only 5 hes a dayhrs a day. It was Vidhealth.