Digital backdrop screen

Is there a digital backdrop screen for privacy? I would like not to show the room where I take the call from?

Thank you!!

Hello there. Thank you for the feedback. Currently, does not have a virtual background feature, but our development team takes all feedback seriously and we have quite a few requests for this feature and hope to offer it soon.

I would also very much support the request for a digital/blurred backdrop as I do not wish for my room to be displayed to patients. Many thanks for adding this feature.

It would also be nice to be able to select a Powerpoint slide as my backdrop during a group call rather than have to use Screenshare. I want my patients to be able to see me as well as my powerpoint slide.
Thank you for your consideration

I just wanted to let this thread know that we recently put together a Help article on this topic since we have not been able to release our own version of this feature yet.