Directly open a specific teleconsultation

We developed a health solution, and we are using as our telemedicine platform. Its possible to open a specific teleconsultation directly? Because today, the physicians opens the ehr system, and them they need to look for the patient again in waiting queue. For us, it will be important to open/start the consult direclty.

Its possible?


Thanks for posting, @icareyou. I’m not sure I understand the problem you’re facing and the outcome you’re looking to achieve. Can you elaborate a little bit more to help me understand?

Hi Cullen,

I will try. :slight_smile:

Today we have a feature called patient auto checkin, correct? It’s perfect, thats’s great.

Now, what we need is the same feature to the doctor, instead of the doctor go to patients queue and select a patient, i’d like to send to doctor a link to open a specific patient automátic.

I hope help!


Thank you, I believe I understand now. I will pass on to the appropriate teams to review to see if this is a feature we would want to implement. Just so I make sure I’m getting it right, you’re saying:

  • As an admin, you want your providers to be able to join video sessions from the EHR platform; but the providers currently have to sign-in to and then start the call with a patient.
  • Ideally, you want a one-click option from the EHR platform to start a call with a specific patient.

Is that an accurate summary?

YESSSS!!! Cullen you are the man!