Discounts for non-profits

I am trying to find out how to contact someone about discounts for non-profits. The only contact info I can find is the chatbot, which does not respond. We would like to use for group therapy. Can someone please tell me how to find this information? Thank you!


I have the exact same issue. I have the clinic version, but the support tab doesn’t offer me an option to chat with a human. I have the option to chat with the bot, and it states a person will get back to me in a couple hours, but that never happens.

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Well at least it’s not just me. I tried their facebook page, too, and nothing. Can’t find a twitter. And that chatbot is absolutely useless.

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We ended up going with GoToMeeting. 3 months free for nonprofits, and $12.99 per month per organizer thereafter. They responded within 5 minutes to questions, and they have been very helpful and responsive through the whole process.

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So how did you contact them?

Through their contact page. Contact Sales - Free Trial & Demo | GoToMeeting