Display Patient's connection quality (and battery life?) on their video for Doc's to see

Good afternoon! One of the main problems we’re struggling with right now is dropped sessions which I’m fairly certain is rooted in some clients’ poor connections, but doxy is catching a bit of the flack from my providers for it because they can’t tell one way or the other.

It would be very useful if someone on the client’s video (or each member of a group chat from the provider’s POV) there was an indicator of that individual’s network quality… I’m imagining the wifi signal in red/yellow/green or something like that. That way if there was call quality issues or if it dropped, the provider would have a better idea if it were on their end or the patient’s. Also it would allow them to potential be proactive - if they noticed the quality dropping from good to poor, they could advise the patient to get to better wifi, or something like that depending on the circumstances.

An additional idea that is probably less feasible would be to also display the battery life of the device that the patient is using there. Not sure if we’re actually losing anyone to batteries dying, or if the browser can hook that, but with some devices going into power save mode and reducing performance when battery life gets low, it would be useful info to see.

Thanks again for everything!

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