Disturbing echo

Hi Doxy team, with several of my clients there is a disturbing echo in the sound. This has been happening in the past few months, with clients whose devices did not create this problem in the past. The only way to deal with it (especially in a group setting) is to mute that person, and ask them to unmute only when speaking. This doesn’t work well in my music therapy practice and is not a long term workable solution. Through trial and testing, I found that it happens with people on older iPads/iPhones. Those devices do not have the option to have ‘noice cancellation’ within their Settings/Accessibility/Audio-Visual device. Is there a way for you to adjust Doxy so that it is still works with older devices, too? Many clients don’t have a new device, even though they keep their older device updated with the latest operating system.

Hi @titiamartin thank you for posting, and I’m sorry for the trouble. It looks like we are aware of this issue. And the only workaround Apple has given us is by manually plugging in headphones and taking them out again. See more info from Apple here 239285 – REGRESSION(iPadOS 15.4): Safari iPad WebRTC participants introduce echo into a meeting after 2 minutes And looks like they “believe” it will be fixed in a future release (but no date set).

Unfortunately, this has to be done per call. Follow us here to keep up to date Canny

My patients and I both mute doxy and then use cell phone to talk on.

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Just yesterday on July 20, Apple came out with the latest OS 15.6 and that’s where the bug is finally fixed by Apple! No problem today with the client who always had a big echo, after they updated to OS 15.6. Thanks Dylan for the temporary solution, though it turned out not needed because of the very recent update.