Do not want to use camera

I am of family physician
when I use telemedicine, I wanted to use the audio only but not the camera for myself.
But then I am trying to use Doxy me without the camera the audio is also not enabled.
How can I fix this problem?
In zoom we have the option of using audio only and closing the camera.
can we have something like this in Doxy me?
Please do not send help articles. It will not solve the problem.

Dr. R

Hi - when I use doxy, there are icons on the bottom of the screen. One of them turns your camera off an on (also one to turn microphone off and on). Hope that helps.

Hover your mouse over the square in the upper right corner that shows you on camera. At the right spot, you should see the option to turn off camera only.

Thanks for posting, @2885. I hope this GIF helps visually show what the others have mentioned for turning the camera off from your dashboard. You can also toggle video on/off while in a call using the video camera icon. Please let me know if you still have questions.