Do what we all teach, "Learn to help yourself"

My goodness, I regret writing this before I type it. I promised myself to hit the green CREATE TOPIC rectangle at the bottom when I’m done. First off: I DO NOT WORK FOR DOXEY OR GET PAID. Sorry for yelling I just want to make this clear as a bell.

I have read a variety of topics here and find themes that boggle my mind. one is people posting problems using Safari? I’m not trying to be rude here, "When all else fails read the directions,"Doxey does a great job of posting the steps that need to be taken to ensure for the best connection. I see the suggestions in many places. One thing they say constantly.

Doxey does work with Safari.

I use the Doxey protocols like my deceased mother who’s OCD symptom was cleaned the house. In my first contact with all new patients I make it very clear how to get and maintain the best possible connection. Like a drill sergeant only with warmth and a smile. If the patient does not do these things there is nothing I can do accept continue to educate them.

Make sure you use either Chrome or FireFox they work the best and have the latest updates. Again, Safari does not work. Make sure all windows are closed accept Doxey. Clean the browser regularly, restart your computer periodically.

I reset my computer daily and encourage my patients to reset also. This does help

Long story short many issues in our connections from mic problems, camera, to slow start were solved when the client closed the window and restarted their computer… .

If they don’t understand or are computer illiterate I encourage them to get help and even work this into a therapeutic sales pitch on asking for help. I have had more patients then not say, “That makes sense.” When it makes sense to a patient they’ll find a way get it done, this is my experience.

Too many times in my life I have asked for help and the person I asked pointed to what was right in front of me. This stems from a collective issue in our culture. We live in the age of distraction which takes us away from seeing what is right in front of us!

My only purpose here is to get others attention, what in life is not step my step?



This is very difficult if one is using an IPAD and IOS. We cannot use any other browser and this is my sole computer for my practice.

Safari worked great up until the last release. Hopefully there will be a fix from Apple as this is happening with all video/audio applications. Not just Doxy. Doxy DOES WORK with Safari, even now. It is just terribly inconsistent and I then resort to backup media.

Hi, Greg! You can download the Chrome or Firefox app for Doxy and both work great on the iPad or iPhones. Just read in another thread that that the signin screen for these is blank right now, so maybe a temporary thing. But I just logged in with Safari and it seems to be working fine. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi, Claire.
I have both Chrome and Firefox latest versions downloaded on my IPAD. When I navigate to and click sign-in, I receive a blank screen for both. It does not work with either.

Hi again, Claire. We’re you able to check the audio quality when you logged in with Safari? Many times it is unintelligible. I am unable to clearly hear the person on the other end or they cannot hear me.

Ralph: Factor this in. Especially in the days of Covid, helping oneself with the printed solutions deprives people of interacting with others.

Complaining and asking for help and having real humans help us, is what it’s all about.

By the way, a good parallel for how we choose to make a living. People come to us, complain of how they suffer, we understand them and provide help.

Safari works fine for me?

I use safari - and it works - tossing a wrench into the gears - I run the test prior and all is good - there are protocols with Macs that protect against invasions - allowing doxy is a must