Do your clients need an Advocate for health guidance/education

Please refer your clients who need guidance to my patient advocacy services.
Empowering, Advocating, Educating-
I am an experienced independent healthcare professional, dedicated to providing individualized advocacy for each client and caregiver to navigate a complex medical and healthcare system. I provide strategic guidance to ensure positive outcomes, ease caregiver burden, reduce financial impact, and advocate for the best practice in treatment for your individual needs.
Dedicated to:
-Advocating to obtain services in healthcare, across the continuum of care
-Providing research-based diagnosis and treatment options
-Locating specialists and collaborate plans of care across multiple disciplines
-Empowering clients to make informed decisions about their care through education and understanding options
-Educating on complex diagnoses, treatment protocols, procedures, results, and coordinating care appointments
-Facilitating rehabilitation, home health care, and long-term care options; collaborating with discharge planners and case managers
-Improving the overall patient experience and outcomes
-Providing caregiver peace of mind

I am committed to optimizing quality of life and maximizing physical, cognitive, mental, and emotional health.

Where do you practice and what is the fee for your service?

Hi, I am in RI and MA.
I also offer many services-
Thank you!

Jessica Ackerman MS,CCC-SLP