Does Doxy take a picture of the provider?

Does Doxy take a picture of the provider prior to the call?

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for asking. We have historically done this. But that changed in part last year when we added the ability to upload a profile photo in Account Settings > Profile. If a provider has a profile photo uploaded, it does not currently take a picture. However, if they do not have a profile photo, it will take a photo upon logging in.

However, based on feedback from providers, we are changing this logic. As of June 2022, it will no longer take a picture before the call under any circumstances. Instead, if a provider does not have a profile picture, will show a generic avatar in your waiting room, chat box, and when you turn off your video.

In short, it is recommended that providers upload a profile picture to create a more professional look to their account. Providers can also import their LinkedIn photo if that’s easier.

We hope this change is appreciated.

Bryan Zitzman