Does not work 25% of time

Either the client cannot hear me or I cannot hear the client, see the client. Really been worse in last one month. generic replies from the help desk are not helping either. I think clearly laid out instructions for patients would be helpful, especially using I phone and I pad Dr.Vasavada- I’ve noticed the same pattern. Some deterioration in quality/consistency over the past week or so…

Thank you both for letting us know. I’ll be taking a look at the logs and see what’s going on.

Has this been resolved, or at least identified as a provider specific issue? We are about to embark on a soft launch of our service, and do not want to start out with issues. Thank you.

Last two weeks seem to have been better. I have not had a single instance where there was a problem with sound or video on either laptop or other platforms used by patients.

Thank you for the feedback!

For last two weeks I have not had any problems. Clients have used various devices and I have not had any issues with sound or video. Problem seems to have been fixed.

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It seems to have been fixed. No issues in last two weeks.

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