Doxy freezes in Meeting History

My dashboard is freezing in Meeting History if I stay in there for a period of time. This is what happens: After I finish a call, I frequently access the “Meeting History” to determine the call duration for logging purposes. If I leave Meeting History fairly quickly and go back to “Your Dashboard” everything works fine. However, if I stay in Meeting History for a period of time and then click on Your Dashboard, I lose the functionality of the cursor and can no longer move to Your Dashboard or anything else for that matter. However, if from the frozen Meeting History tab I click on a different browser tab and go to whatever website that tab is accessing e.g. local news, then click back on the doxy tab, I find myself in Your Dashboard. It is as if the Meeting History page is freezing when in doxy, but this is refreshed when I move out of doxy and back in. I’m using the latest version of Chrome. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks, Ann

There are a lot of simple ways to optimize connections so that devices run optimally. For starters, all sorts of things can change overnight, system updates, firewalls, security sweeps, it’s best for everyone to start everyday with a clean reboot of the device instead of using it where you left off to prevent issues from arising. If your device is acting up, when experiencing freezing or is slowly processing actions by the mouse click, it is best to clear cookies/cache then reboot your device. Also a router should be rebooted once a month to allow monthly updates to install on the unit. To clear your cookies, simply log into and select the lock icon in the URL Web address, then click on cookies to remove all cookies. Once this is complete reboot your device. If you need further assistance contact We offer live one on one troubleshoot sessions for our Professional & Clinic subscribers. We also offer chat support & phone support for all users. should be the only window open and active. When you have you-tube, messenger and other applications running in the background this will use system resources on your computer, thus slowing things down while the usage is on the same wifi connection causing high bandwidth activities. (e.g., Netflix / Youtube / Skype / FaceTime). Closing out apps and browser tabs, will free up bandwidth that can use to maintain a stable connection. These few things will help optimize available bandwidth and reduce Packet Loss. Also if experiencing choppy video/sound during a call can also be caused by CPU over-throttling if your computer is handling multiple tasks at a time. You can check by opening Task Manager on Windows or Activity Monitor on macOS. View the CPU tab, and check to ensure it isn’t at 85% or more as that could cause issues. Hope that helps! :smiley: