hangs when trying to create calendar event


Happens 50% of the time. I try to set up an appointment and enter the date and time. Ask it to connect to my google calendar and at that point it hangs and never completes the task. I have tried firefox and chrome.


Hi, thanks for reporting here. What date are you putting in? I see some errors on my side and wondering if it’s related. Also perhaps a screenshot of the invitation could help


Tuesday, July 24th 10 am PT

I have had this happen and reported it before.

The screen just hangs at where it is trying to connect to the calendar. I could send you a snapshot next times it happens

I have used maybe 4 times. It happens I would say 50% of the time.

Thank you,



I think I see what might be going on. Will investigate further and fix the issue


Okay this issue has been fixed. Try it out and let me know