has reopened its customer support call center!

Good news everybody! We have re-launched a fully trained call center today!

Providers and patients alike can call for support. For now, the help line is open Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm US Eastern time. We hope to expand the hours later, but for now we’re excited to be offering phone support at all.

Our staff will be able to screenshare and go through technical troubleshooting, as well as answer other questions about the product.

Phone number: +1 844 436-9963


Really happy to hear of your call center reopening. There are so many questions as a NEWBY that I have during the day. I am really happy to know that someone can get back to me at a reasonable time. Thanks for doing this.
Michael Murrell, Psy. D.

The phone number is not working. I have several questions I need to answered