Incorrectly Identifies Browser on Motorola Edge Plus Android Phone

Hello Doxy team! I recently got a new phone–a Motorola Edge Plus–and when I open up in Google Chrome like a patient would (to test calls with my providers), gives me an error message asking me to use Google Chrome with indicators that my camera and mic are not working as a result. However, I’m already in the up to date Google Chrome v86.0.4240.185. If I proceed to enter the waiting room, the provider sees my browser identified as Edge Browser. Then, if the provider starts a call with me as the test patient, the camera and mic actually do work from my device.

So, it would appear that somehow the version of Google Chrome on my new phone is not being identified properly by Everything functions once the call starts, however. Can someone please take a look at that? I’ll be glad to help troubleshoot with someone.

My concern is that this appears to be an issue with a newer version of Chrome or on specific newer devices that could cause confusion. As more and more patients obtain these new devices/updated versions of Chrome, I’m worried we’ll run into the issues/confusion more frequently going forward.

Edit: It just occurred to me…perhaps it’s because the model of my device is an “Edge” model and that’s somehow incorrectly being interpreted as Edge browser in the logic uses to determine the device’s browser?


Allen Brooks