invite not working

I sent an invite using that my client didn’t receive for the first time. Anyone else have this issue today?

Hi Carolyn. What kind of invite was it?

Sent it thru to client’s email. Used the invite to remind and give link

In addition, I have been using this since starting doxy pro with no problems, so I was wondering if there was an issue yesterday.

I have been using and sending my invites through email from the platform. Suddenly the emails started having non-clickable doxy addresses. Not sure what happened!

I’m also having invite problems. Wondering what
has happened

I contacted doxy and they asked me to take a screen shot. I had trouble doing it.

When I contacted them they asked me to explain, which I did and now have heard nothing. Not good


I have had some success with sending the link directly from my email and also from my phone. I realize that this may not work for each session.


We had the problem and found that our email system was flagging the emails and not getting through to the patients. Sending to Yahoo or Gmail worked.

from our security team-
sent via which has a poor sender reputation, it was not showing up on our end as having the envelope sender of

Once they opened emails started coming through again.

I just sent a client the link about 15 minutes ago and they have not received the invite link and this seems to be a recurring problem with doxy pro. Any advice on how to correct the issue?