poor video compression

Many clients are telling me they have poor video quality with my calls, including frozen screens, interrupted movement and pixilation using They say this is different than when they are using Zoom or FaceTime.

I have almost doubled my internet speed but presents a readout when the client’s computer has a slow internet connection. Since they are telling me their internet speed is fine for other applications, I wonder if will improve its video compression anytime soon? If not, I don’t see a choice other than migrating off of doxy to a better video call platform.


Even with business-grade internet service, I also have a lot of sessions with frozen screens or pixelated video both for myself and for my client. It happens intermittently and erratically. The same client connection can be fine one week, and unworkable the next. A session can start out clear and degrade rapidly.This does not seem to happen nearly as frequently on Zoom.


I have the same experience. Doxy is sometimes reliable, but often I’ve had to revert to another platform temporarily just to complete sessions. I’m assuming this is because doxy was set up for a pre-pandemic load and hasn’t caught up. Does anyone know if they’re beefing up their system to handle the greater load?

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Yesterday I had more client sessions, most of them blurry. Today someone called me on Zoom. It was clear and HD. I tried a Google Hangouts meeting and it was also blurry. I wonder what Zoom does to make it that clear?

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Google Meet used to be more stable than Zoom or any of the telehealth platforms I used, but to compete with Zoom, Google made Meet free, so I imagine it’s getting a lot more traffic. In any case, I no longer use it for meetings I’ve been having with groups I belong to and have switched to Zoom.

Microsoft also came out with a Zoom competitor, and so did Facebook. Because Zoom is a one-trick pony, to keep their market share, I imagine they’re putting all their resources into making it as scalable as they can, and they have the expertise and motivation to do so. They’re counting on more stay-at-home work in the future.

I don’t imagine the telehealth platforms are as motivated to vastly scale up, because as the economy opens up, a lot of people will be going back to offices, and some of that extra capacity will go unused.

This is all conjecture, of course, but I’ve been watching the different video platforms and how they perform since the pandemic began, and that’s how it seems to me.

The platform has become so difficult to use that I am using something else. Will check back in a week or so and see if you have fixed the issue of loud noises, frozen screens, frozen talk.

I’m having lots of problems with my support group connection from a corporate account: 3-5 plus me on the call. they aren’t able to hear me, i can see and hear them. all on a headset, still working on getting a webcam with this gov’t bureaucracy i work in:(

any suggestions?