product update: a popup during screen sharing, better connections for low bandwidth calls, and improved accessibility features

Hi, community! This release includes a popup that indicates you’re sharing your screen, better connections for low bandwidth calls, and improved accessibility for the check-in page.

As of Wednesday, April 21th, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • Providers and patients will now be more aware when they are sharing their screens thanks to a highly visible popup.

sharing popup

  • We improved the connection rate for calls with very poor bandwidth conditions on either the provider or patient side.

User Experience Improvements

  • The BAA form will no longer switch to Portuguese or Spanish when you send an invite in those languages.
  • As we continue to make our user interface accessible to all, we have improved our check-in page to accommodate people using screen readers.
  • We added date filters to the Meeting History page. An all-time option was added to the Usage tab as well.

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I see this was introduced last week on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday last week I had horrible experiences with, where the audio failed to connect in one direction or the other over half the time. Usually one of both of us reloading the browser page was sufficient to fix it, but not always – I dropped back to Doximity for 2-3 visits per day on Friday.

I am having issues with the audio (and sometimes video) not working - or going in and out on pts side.
sometimes they cant hear me - it seems to vary as far as the problems.
Is there a way to improve performance? I did have my internet speed checked out.
thank you.