product update: Automatic call reconnection, email subject lines, and security improvements

Hi, community! This release sees further improvements to the Spanish and Portuguese email invitations, automatic call reconnection, and security enhancements to drag and drop file sharing.

As of Tuesday, October 20, the following updates were made to the platform.

Premium Feature Improvements

  • Spanish and Portuguese email invitations now show the subject line in the correct language.

Call Experience Improvements

  • A patient’s dropped call will attempt to reconnect automatically when a call fails instead of requiring the patient to check in again.

Other Improvements

  • Drag and drop file sharing is even more secure.

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Muchisimas gracias, Kurt! Por avisarnos, y trabajar en el multilingualismo.

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¡Estamos super interesados ​​en su éxito! (College Spanish and Google FTW!)