product update: BAA fix, accessibility improvement and better shared waiting room management for Clinics (May 29, 2020)

Hi everyone! I’m back with another update from the developers. A new addition to my family has kept me from making update posts the past two weeks; for any aspiring parents out there, my experience so far with baby No. 2 has only reinforced the advice I’ve given people since baby No. 1: The trick to surviving the first few weeks is living close to a caring, reliable, and semi-retired mother- and father-in-law! That’s what has worked for me anyway.

But while I’ve been doing that, our development team have still been grinding away; here’s a recap of some things they’ve done lately:

BAA generation correction

  • A few users have been unable to generate a BAA; we’ve identified and fixed the problem causing most of these, so almost everybody should be able to generate a BAA in their account settings now. There are a few lingering cases we haven’t fixed yet, but we hope to do so soon. How do I generate a BAA?

Improved screen reader access

  • Improving our platform’s accessibility is a major priority for us, and to that end we’ve made some improvements relating to browser permissions for screen readers, which should make them more reliable for providers and patients. More about and accessibility.

Beta testing under way for new features

  • We’ve assembled a group of users as beta testers to give us feedback on some new features we hope to roll out to the general public soon. So look out for more news on that front! I’ll give you a small hint: One of the first things this group will be testing is a new and improved check-in process for patients.

Clinic shared waiting room updates

  • Clinic account admins will now be able to see and edit all shared waiting rooms in the Clinic, not only the ones they themselves have created. This will also allow for the deleting of shared rooms in cases where the admin who created it was no longer part of the Clinic. All about managing shared waiting rooms.

  • Along the same lines, when access to providers’ personal waiting rooms has been shared with other members of the clinic, they will no longer clog up that shared waiting rooms list under Clinic Settings, because this is really a different matter. Granting other Clinic members access to your room.

  • We’ve also made a few minor tweaks to improve the Clinic Settings sections, removing some unnecessary buttons and changing the appearance a bit.

That’s all for this time, thanks for reading and for using Be sure to check out previous updates if you missed them:


Congrats on Baby No 2!! I have noticed quicker receptivity with people showing up in my waiting room more in ‘real time.’ Thanks! Not sure what a BAA is but my clients that download the free version of and use an old link from a prior email of mine are getting to my waiting room before I log onto my Doxy.Pro. Thanks!! Keep up the good work and good sharing with the grandfolks!! Keeps them young!!
Kathy Jo A
Spokane, WA

Congrats on your new baby! I really hope your development team is working on a shared whiteboard feature as it is desperately needed!!!

Thank you!

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