Product Update: Better auscultation using

Hi, community!

As of Thursday, September 9th, the following problems were solved:

Call Experience

  • I want to perform auscultation via a call and digital stethoscope, but the audio quality is not quite good enough for me to hear what I need to hear.
    • Now, you can take advantage of a medical device audio mode which disables noise suppression and increases the audio bitrate of the call so you can hear everything you need to hear. This change is available via the call settings menu within any call. Visit the Help article to learn more about using medical device audio with

User Experience

  • I prefer to send edited text (SMS) invites to my patients, but they don’t always come from the same phone number like unedited text invites.
    • Just like all unedited text invites come from the short code number 67579, all edited text invites will now come from 1-855-578-1626 so that your patients can be sure it is you sending the invite.
  • I prefer to use teleconsent, but sometimes, when a patient is using an iPhone, the last line of the teleconsent document is not visible to them.
    • This bug should now be resolved and patients should always be able to see the full teleconsent document.

This release also includes many behind-the-scenes security enhancements and performance improvements.

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