product update: Changes to user interface

Hi, community! This release makes changes to the Account Settings user interface and fixes a radio button issue in Teleconsent.

As of Thursday, January 14, the following updates were made to the platform.

Interface Improvements

  • We made some changes to the Account Settings interface, including changing from a single Settings tab with subsections to three separate tabs: Profile, Room, and Account. Also we moved some fields and added some tooltips.

Previous settings page

New settings page

  • We fixed an issue with Teleconsent where some radio buttons didn’t show selection properly.

Finally, we are aware of an issue where occasionally patients do not show up in the queue. This release also contains one of several upcoming fixes to alleviate this issue.

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How about addressing the elephant in the room?

HORRIBLY DEGRADED AUDIO when initiating session from iMac Big Sur. Occurs with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave.

You just have to wait 1-2 minutes then the audio clears up. And it does seem to happen with every call.

yes, most calls start with an echo, at least of my voice, and I’m in Los Angeles area with good wifi.

This problem of poor sound or no sound at all has persisted for now for more than a month. The call
quality has deteriorated significantly and caused numerous disruptions to sessions. Don’t know how much longer I will be using doxy if problem is not corrected.

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