product update: Customized waiting room improvements, bug fixes and more helpful dropped call notifications

UPDATE: These improvements are now scheduled to be implemented on Monday, August 10.

Hi everyone! I have another big update from the development team, who are always doing their best to create the most secure, reliable and user-friendly telemedicine experience on the Web. This update includes a fix for a camera and microphone permission issue, improvements to waiting room customization and more helpful error messages when a call is dropped.

As of Monday, August 10, the following updates will be made to the platform:

  • We’ve upgraded some of the infrastructure supporting our call technology, thereby fixing a problem that was causing cameras on Android or iOS devices to sometimes not be found when users start a call, even though the appropriate permissions had been granted.
  • We recently added the room passcode to patient invites sent via; we’ve now added the same info to invites sent via the provider’s own desktop or Web email client. Share a link to your waiting room.


  • Links shared in waiting rooms stopped working properly last week, but we have now corrected that. Also, providers can now embed Vimeo videos into their waiting rooms; Youtube videos are of course still supported as well. Personalize your waiting room.
  • Now, when a call is dropped because of network connectivity issues, patients and providers will see more specific messages, explaining whether it is the patient or provider’s network connection which caused the connection to be lost, and what the next step should be. Improve Internet speed in your home or office.

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Can you help me? All last week, and every call this AM, except one, have had microphone issues. The patients can hear me, but I cannot hear them. I have had to call them and use the telephone for voice.


It is disappointing this was rolled out with so many debilitating issues. I have found while using this service it is more likely than not one will run into a problem that entirely disrupts a meeting. Whoever signed off on this as ready to go has diminished the reputation of Doximity.

@robertschultemd what issues exactly?

:point_up_2: :+1: thank you for that


Just wanted to thank the Doxy team for the recent software updates. Since late last week, we have experienced a significantly lower number of connection & A/V issues (lack of audio and dropped audio were particularly problematic). The issues that do remain seem to be patient-specific now instead of widespread. Hopefully others have seen improvement as well.

One question for the Doxy team–do you have examples or a guide explaining the different types of dropped connection messages that can appear as part of this new update? It would be helpful to have that list so we can help our providers understand next steps for each type of message. Thanks!


Hey Allen. The new messages will tell both the provider and patient that the call was dropped because of a poor network connection, and which party’s connection is causing the problem. I don’t remember exactly what the message was before, but it was something generic like, “something went wrong.”