product update: Digital video improvements and backstage upgrades product update: Improvements to digital video performance and backstage technical elements

Hi, community! This release sees improvements in the way we handle digital video, resulting in easier processing on many mobile devices. We also made some technical changes behind the scenes.

As of Tuesday, November 17, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • We updated the software that decompresses and compresses digital video, which decreases CPU use by 30-35% on mobile devices. Mobile devices will not have to work as hard when running video and will be less likely to overheat.

Other Improvements

  • The camera no longer freezes on iPhone 7 after a patient checks in.
  • Providers can now reconnect their camera or microphone if they disable it in the middle of a call.
  • Requests for camera and microphone access were sometimes causing a black preview screen. The camera and microphone can now be accessed correctly.
  • We upgraded to the latest version of TokBox,’s third-party video provider.

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@Kurt and Doxy team. So far, this update seems to be great overall for our providers as we’re experiencing fewer technical issues and hiccups since this went in place.

However, we are now more frequently getting a black preview screen in the waiting room/patient queue for patients using an iOS device with Safari browser. This hasn’t necessarily indicated that there will be call issues, but anecdotally so far it appears the frequency of connectivity or audio/video issues seems to be higher for patients with this black preview screen on iOS & Safari. Any thoughts or ideas? I will be glad to help provide examples or troubleshoot if it would help. Thanks!

Hi Allen, is this the section you are seeing a black preview instead of the actual photo?

Hi @Dylan - Yes. Thanks! Sorry, I should have referred to it as a “black preview photo” to not confuse it with the black preview screen for the videocamera feed.

@Dylan - In case it helps provide a lead, I just had 3 pop up with the black preview photo and all 3 were on iOS Mobile/Tablet device with Safari 14. I also just had 1 pop up with a grey background/white silhouette and that was iOS Mobile/Tablet device with Safari 13.