product update: edit email invitations, upload your profile image, and new call experience support

Hi, community! This release adds the ability to edit email invitations sent from, an option to upload your profile image from your device, and new call experience support.

As of Thursday, February 11th, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • The net performance indicator is now titled Connection Status to emphasize that the statistics show a combination of each caller’s bandwidth, whether from their phone or internet connection.

User Experience Improvements

  • You can now send customized invites using the email service. Simply edit the message in the Invite via Email dialog box. Remember not to send Personal Health Information (PHI) in your emails.


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Adding new features is great, too bad you guys NEVER follow up, I still can’t get this service to work.

Hi @hs4l, I’m sorry we’ve caused you this frustration. I’ll reach out to you via email to understand a little bit more about what’s going on and how we can make it right.