product update: Flip camera button on mobile devices, and an occasional post-call survey

Hi, community! This release includes adding a flip camera button on the mobile interface and an occasional post-call survey for you to tell us how we can improve your telehealth experience.

As of Thursday, June 3rd, the following updates were made to the platform:

User Experience Improvements

  • A flip camera button was added to the mobile interface to allow the patient (or provider) to change which camera on their device they are using. This will help patients show an injury, a prescription bottle, etc.
  • We added a post-call survey that will appear after every 10 calls (we host almost 2 million calls a week!). The optional survey asks a few questions about the quality of your call so we can improve your experience.

This release also includes many behind-the-scenes security enhancements and performance improvements.

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I wonder how it knows if you’re on a smartphone. In the past week or so, I have been noticing this Flip Camera button on my computer, where I keep the window small to preserve screen space. I haven’t tried the button to see what happens, since I’m on calls with patients.

I am very interested to see the Post Call Survey data. Are we able to see this somewhere? Perhaps we have not had any patients participate yet. If we have had any participants, where would we see this information?

Hi! Great question. In this first implementation, the data is only available internally, we are in the works to make it available for providers!

For clarification, who is the survey going to? Is it going to both providers and patients to complete?
Thank you,