product update: Gallery View has arrived! Also changes to Meeting History and new search capabilities for admins

Hi, community! This release includes Gallery view for Professional and Clinic users, Meeting History on the Analytics page, and new search capabilities for Clinic admins.

As of Tuesday, April 6th, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • Professional and Clinic users, Gallery layout for your group calls is here! Now you can see up to 9 patients on your screen at the same time. To switch to Gallery View, click on the Gallery icon in the bottom right corner.

User Experience Improvements

  • Clinic members can now see which room their calls took place in. Clinic admins will be able to see all the meeting history for the account. The provider name had been added in a column as well.
  • Clinic admins can now search by name, email, and room name in Clinic settings > Shared room > Users and Clinic settings > Manage users.

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I’ve been using it as a Beta user for a couple of months, and it works SO well! Thank you, Doxy, for hearing us. It really was needed.

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