product update: Improved Clinic Settings navigation, bug fixes for some premium features, and more

I’m back with another product update from the development team. Here is a list of improvements we rolled out this week:

  • Clinic admins can now easily navigate Clinic Settings using the search feature in the following sections: My Room Access; Manage Users; Shared Rooms; Clinic Landing Page. Non-admin clinic members can also use search in the Sharing section of their Account Settings.
  • We fixed an issue that caused some iPhone users’ calls to end when using the photo capture tool. How to use photo capture.
  • We corrected a problem causing some patients to be unable to see their providers if the patient was watching a video embedded in the waiting room when the call started. About embedding videos into the waiting room.
  • Clinic providers will now be able to see with which provider a patient is on a call when in a shared waiting room. Creating shared waiting rooms.
  • There was a rare communication issue between Chrome and Safari that would cause a call to crash if participants were using those browsers, but we have fixed that.
  • In May, we launched a bug bounty program through our partners at HackerOne. Through this program, we identified and fixed several bugs, making more secure and reliable for everyone. If you see something, say something! Write to for any questions, concerns, or comments.

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I signed up fo a package once, but when I couldn’t get any help setting up group or family meetings, I quit the package. If you have someone to walk me through it, I’d be paying monthly. In other words, while you have technicians working on bugs, you don’t have technical assistance. That’s a shame.

Hi Faye. It looks like you signed up at a time when we didn’t have the staff to handle support calls. I’ve sent you a private message to discuss your situation.

7/16/20 I’d be happy to be interviewed re: next steps & am available 7/17/20 after 11am
or any day next wk from 8:30- 9:30 am or 1-1:30pm EST. Quincy Warner , Psy.D