product update: Improvements to video experience, a localization feature, confidentiality improvements, and a way to export information about your clinic

Hi, community! This release contains several improvements to your video experience, localized URL language, improved patient confidentiality, and a way to export Clinic users and roles.

As of Thursday, December 17, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • You can now switch to low-definition video on iOS devices whenever your iOS device supports this ability.
  • The person who is currently speaking is now the active window in a group call every time.
  • To protect patient confidentiality while screen sharing, the patient queue will no longer show patient names or avatars. Rather, that information will be replaced with placeholder information (e.g., “Patient 1”).
  • All notifications will now include only the first name (or word) that a patient provides during check-in. For example, if John Simmons checks in, the notification will only contain the name “John” in the message.

Other Improvements

  • When you send your patient an email or text invitation in Spanish or Portuguese, your waiting room link in the invitation will be localized.
  • Clinic admins and owners can now export a list of users and their roles (in CSV format) using the Export User button (Account settings -> Clinic settings -> Manage users). The list contains the first and last names of all Clinic members, as well as email addresses, room URLs, statuses, and dates they joined the clinic.

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We have 2 complaints about this new update:

  1. Patients are immediately removed from the waiting room when the call starts (in the past not removed until the call was done) - so my front office staff now doesn’t know if I’m in a call with a patient or for how long.

  2. The “history” button is now useless! Without a patient name or info, no way to track anything! You should at least give us the option of tracking here - eg let us turn on or off (no one has access accept those in the office who already have HIPPA clearance anyway) - or recommend/ask patients to use first names only

Please address both of these issues - has created a pain and hardship in our office!

Brad Drexler

I haven’t noticed the first issue – last use was 12/26 – and like seeing how long the person has been waiting, as well as how long the session has been.

I agree with the need for the second issue; otherwise history/tracking is useless.

Excellent about the ability to export the clinic users. ** What would really be helpful is to include the Last Login Date- that is actually more important than the join date.
I also agree about the history usage- and being able to export this or see it in a dashboard, rather than looking at each user is important in a clinic to monitor usage and reconcile with billing.

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Agreed–Last Login Date (and even full Timestamp) would be extremely helpful from both an administrative and security perspective.