product update: iPhone fixes, connection quality news, waiting room updates

Hi, community! I’m Kurt, a new technical writer at I’m taking over the product updates from Adam, but he’s an important part of the forums and he’s still actively here.

This update includes help for iPhone users, a new ability to edit all the waiting rooms in a clinic at once, and prompts telling you when you or your patients are having connection issues.

We’re now trying to make these updates before a release so you won’t be surprised by changes and you can make plans to use new features. Help pages for some of these new features are coming soon.

As of Tuesday, August 25, the following updates will be made to the platform:

Premium Feature Improvements

  • You can now apply layout changes to all waiting rooms in the clinic at once! You can easily unify waiting room designs across your clinic.
  • You can change the currency of payments to accommodate the needs of your patients. More than 100 currencies are available!

Call Experience Improvements

  • iPhone users can easily switch to the rear camera How to switch your camera
  • Camera access notifications are easier to see
  • You can now see when you or your patients have a poor connection Improving your connection
  • We changed some animations to improve performance and speed
  • You will now get a prompt to enable your camera if it’s blocked when you check in
  • iPhone users who receive a phone call will now rejoin the call with full service

Be sure to check out previous updates if you missed them. And subscribe to our product updates forum by clicking on the bell icon in the top right corner to be notified anytime we post news here!


Welcome @Kurt! I appreciate the advanced notice on the product updates and I look forward to the call experience improvements.

Quick question–is there a standard deployment time for the product updates or is there a time tomorrow when this round of updates should be in place? I will give my providers a heads up so they can help me see if there are improvements or any issues.

Thanks for the welcome! The deployment for these notes happened this morning. We aim for early Tuesday morning, every other week. We hope to get the releases notes out on about Thursday the week before. That’s still a work in progress. :slight_smile:

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Excellent–thank you for clarifying! I misunderstood and thought that maybe the updates were going into place later this evening.

Anecdotally, I have had a very low number of A/V issues reported by my team today, so things are looking good! We will continue to monitor on our end. Thanks again!

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Welcome Kurt! Thank you to you and Adam and all the team for continuing to improve the product and respond to the community.

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@Kurt welcome! :wave:

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Kurt thank you for the updates and the work you do. This is an amazing site. I did have the paid version which was great. I think I will go back because I have glitches with the free version. Can you PLEASE add my profession? Homeopath. Thanks!!! I can spread the word to my community too. They will love this site as much as I do but an easir sell if profession is listed.

I appreciate the upgrades, but I have to say that since they were added Tuesday, I’ve had much more trouble with my A/V connection. Two or three times, Doxy was slow to open for me, slow to move the client from waiting room to office, and the video froze more frequently during sessions. These issues are new for me, and in most cases they’ve happened with clients I’ve been seeing regularly. Is there a chance the problems are related to the upgrades? In other words, do they require more bandwidth or anything? (I haven’t even been able to use HD since Tuesday.)

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Hi Erica, happy to help upgrade your account. You can actually do this self-serve via the “Upgrade” option inside your dashboard. Here’s more about how to upgrade to Professional.

Hi Elizabeth, we haven’t heard of anything systemic like this since the upgrade but it’s worth looking into. I’ve asked someone from the team to reach out, or feel free to schedule a time to meet with our support team as well.

Hi Erica. We are working on expanding the list of professions, but for now please choose something more generic. This information is only for’s records and isn’t visible to patients.

Are others having problems with the free version using Chrome on a computer? I am considering moving back to “free” as don’t need the features of a paid subscription anymore.
Thanx and stay well

Hi Elizabeth,

I’d certainly like to help with any slowed connections. Whats your best email and I can reach out to examine the recent connection issues, thanks!

Hi, Colin,

The best email address for me is