product update: new analytics page, update to the BAA tab, and improvements to Call Connection indicator

Hi, community! This release includes a new analytics page, an update to the BAA tab, and improvements to the Call Connection indicator.

As of Thursday, February 25th, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • The Call Connection indicator now shows the strength of the audio call when the camera is off. This is currently only available for desktop one-on-one calls.

User Experience Improvements

  • We’re introducing a new Analytics page, available to every provider. You can view your usage statistics and data about this month’s calls, monthly totals, and all-time usage information. Access the Analytics page from the side panel after you log in to your account. Coming soon, the ability to view data for specific date ranges and extended functionality for Clinic Admins!

  • We’ve updated the Business Associate Agreement tab so it’s simpler and more efficient. In addition, we now provide links to resources that will help providers better understand whether they need a BAA with The BAA itself was also updated.

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It’s really good to see the analytics page finally coming to Doxy. I was wondering how a clinic admin can access analytics for all members of the clinic? In our case with over 1200 users on Doxy, it’s impossible to login as each member separately and collect data.
Also, how can we export/download our data?
After waiting for almost a year, we expected a much more robust analytics page. I used to get data from your API but since we have a great number of visits and the lack of ability to select date ranges for our export, the API has not been able to provide us data in the past 6 months.

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Thanks for your feedback @rezafarahani. This is not intended to be the final version of our Analytics feature. More improvements will be coming soon.

If you wouldn’t mind, there is a link underneath the analytics feature in the dashboard where we’re collecting user feedback. Would you submit ideas for improvement there?

Hi Rezafarahani! Thanks for your feedback. We do have custom report options through our Customer Success Managers. They can provide more detailed reports. Are you in contact with your CSM?

This is just the first phase. Our team is already working on the next version. This will give you the ability to filter by provider or room and a time frame. You will be able to export the data as well.