product update: Send invites in different languages, custom login text, change currency for payment

Hi, community! This update includes several cool features, but the most exciting is that Pro and Clinic providers can now send email and text invites in other languages. This feature has been requested for a while and we’re happy to roll it out.

We’re trying to make these update announcements before a release so you won’t be surprised by changes and you can make plans to use new features. Help pages for some of these new features are coming soon.

As of Tuesday, October 6, the following updates will be made to the platform.

Premium Feature Improvements

  • Pro and Clinic providers can send email and text invites to patients in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. To use the feature, click Invite via on your Dashboard and choose Text message, or choose Email > Send from You’ll see a Select language dropdown menu.

  • Clinic account owners and admins admins have more choices about the wording of the field where patients fill in their names during check-in. The feature is available in the Clinic settings > Landing page section.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 8.52.08 AM

  • Pro and Clinic providers can change the currency of a payment during a call. Simply initiate the payment and choose the currency from the dropdown menu.

Other Improvements

  • The passcode feature is automatically disabled when providers downgrade to Free accounts.
  • Safari users can now select their preferred speakers.
  • Email, SMS, and browser notifications about patient arrival include the name of the room where the patient has checked in and the link for provider login.
  • The screen share feature now works when a third person is added to a call.
  • The precall test closes automatically when a call starts.

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You mentioned that “the screen share feature now works when a third person is added to a call.” Does this mean sharing something on your computer or everyone sharing the screen? It would be helpful if on a call with two clients we could see both on a split screen instead of only one full screen while other is in smaller “view” box.

It’s when you’re sharing something on your computer. Some people were having trouble after adding a third person to the call. That problem is now resolved. I’ll pass on the split-screen request.

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How about fixing the current features rather than adding new ones.

Hey David, we’re constantly improving - some fixes just take longer than others.

I’m curious to learn more about your specific complaints though so I will email you separately.

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Hello @Dylan and @Kurt. We are seeing the new “Select Language” option this morning. However, clicking the dropdown menu does not provide any language options (it just sort of does nothing and stays on the default “Choose among the following” text like the menu is empty). It appears everything is still sending in English despite the lack of dropdown options.

This is in Google Chrome v85.0.4183.102, 64-Bit. Is there something else that needs to be configured? Thanks!

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Hi Allen, checking on this now

Okay this should be fixed now. Was a old cache rule on our side we had to disable. Give it a try and let me know.


Thanks @Dylan - looking good now!

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This is still happening for me. Do I have to clear cache?

There was nothing I did in particular other than possibly signing out and back into my doxy tenant. Did you try that? I just confirmed the language drop down is still functioning properly for me.

Restarting worked. thanks



Unfortunately, customize “check-in” field is not found in my Pro account because I can’t find Clinic Settings! I’ve explored all the fields I could find.

Hi Dr. Lin, the Professional accounts do not have Clinic settings as that is reserved for our Clinic plan. Our Clinic plan was built for groups of providers, but we also have individual providers using that plan because of the added features as well. If you have more questions feel free to reach out to our team.