product update: sharing audio from pre-recorded videos and improvements to email invites

Hi, community! This release includes sharing audio from pre-recorded videos in calls, and improvements to email invite functions.

As of Tuesday, March 23rd, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • CHROME USERS ONLY: When sharing a pre-recorded video on your screen, your patient will now hear the audio from your device. To engage this new feature, click the Share audio box when you start to share your screen.

User Experience Improvements

  • If you are a Professional or Clinic user, the email invite feature will remember your email type preference and default to that type every time. You can always change the type of invite.
  • When email invites are sent from, they now display “ Telemedicine" as the sender instead of “”

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Thanks Kurt! Amazing news!! I have binaural music I can share thru telehealth! Made my day!