product update: Teleconsent rollout, room passcodes, audio only call fix

Hi, community! I’ve enjoyed talking to a few of you as I ramp up in this new position. This update includes a new teleconsent feature for clinic users, a partial fix for a passcode problem, and a fix for an audio only call issue.

We’re trying to make these update announcements before a release so you won’t be surprised by changes and you can make plans to use new features. Help pages for some of these new features are coming soon.

As of September 10th, the following updates will be made to the platform:

Premium Feature Improvements

  • TELECONSENT IS LIVE! We have great news for clinics that don’t have teleconsent enabled yet. As you may know, teleconsent lets you share a document with a new patient to ensure they consent to the telemedicine experience. This feature has been slowly rolled out to some users for testing, but this is a general release for all clinic users.
    After the release, all clinics without teleconsent will have a standard teleconsent form turned on. Clinics of 20 or more providers can add a custom teleconsent form to their clinic, for a charge of $250. Clinics interested in this option should email
    If you’ve been participating in a beta test, please continue to give feedback. This will help improve for everyone.

  • Room Passcode is a feature available for Pro and Clinic users. When Pro or Clinic users downgraded to a free account, their patients were sometimes locked out of the waiting room because the passcode feature stayed active even though providers couldn’t use it. Now when paying users downgrade to a free account, they will continue to have access to the passcode feature until a complete fix is in place. It will be fixed completely in the next few weeks.

Call Experience Improvements

  • Now after an audio-only call, you can switch your camera back on as needed.

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How do you “enable” the televisit consent?

(9/8) Larry, teleconsent won’t go live until later this week. Then it will automatically be enabled. We’ll link a help page to this announcement soon.

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Can you give us a copy of the teleconsent boilerplate language? It would be nice to have a look at this in advance. Our institution has its own teleconsent form we have been using up until now. Will we be able to turn off the version if we want to continue our own process of obtaining consent the way we have done in the past?

Why not a telecom sent for premium subscribers? Would be very helpful for HIPPA compliance audits. Please offer this Regulatory requirement to premium subscribers as well clinics. I see in excess of 200 patients monthly.