product update: View call status, capture high quality images, and add new devices

Hi, community! This release adds a robust call status bar, the ability to capture high quality images, and better recognition of new devices.

As of Tuesday, January 05, the following updates were made to the platform.

Call Experience Improvements

  • A call status bar now shows descriptive details of factors that affect the quality of the call. These statistics are a combined report of how each person’s network connection comes together to determine the overall call quality.


  • The system now recognizes new devices even if there were no devices connected at the start of the call.

Other Improvements

  • When the video resolution switcher is set to take high quality image captures, the captured image resolution is the same as the current video resolution.

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Hi @Kurt! I just did a test call and I’m not seeing the enhanced network status as either the patient or the provider. Does something need to be enabled in the clinic settings or is this still pending rollout to production?


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Hi if the network status isn’t showing up try clearing your browser cache and refreshing. Let us know if it still doesn’t show up.

the last two weeks, the quality of the calls has greatly deteriorated – lots of freezes, voice echoes, lapsed/out-of-sync vocal to video… I’m on a PC; most users are on phones or laptops.

Do you know what the problem is?

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@abrooks When you’re in a call, click on the bars that show connection quality on the small image of yourself (on the provider side). A window with more info should pop out, like in the screenshot above.

Thanks @Kurt and @Schuyler - I’ve got it now on the provider side. Does the patient also have the same capability?

Or, is there a way for the provider to see the patient’s network status details? That, in particular could be very helpful for us in diagnosing patient connectivity issues.


@abrooks. The patient will also see the network status details on their side. However, it’s important to note that these statistics are representative of the call itself, not each person’s connection. So you won’t want to use this data to try and determine whose network is not performing well. That said, you can use your experience and judgment to draw some tentatively conclusions. For example, if you are holding the call from your typical location where your network connections is almost always excellent, then a call with poor network statistics would suggest that it’s your patient’s side of the connection that is struggling.

As always, these type of things are complicated and involve many variables, but we hope that this first version of the feature will give you some increased insight. As always, we appreciate your feedback and welcome more of it.

any thoughts on this team? We have also been experiencing this, specifically since mid-December.

@DoctorZ Just to confirm, both the provider and the client will always see the exact same numbers listed? It is a bit confusing since it is titled “Your network status”, something like “Call status” would make more sense imo if this is the case.

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Thank you @DoctorZ for the additional details and clarification. And thank you, @shawcpa for mentioning the wording. The wording is exactly why I thought each endpoint (patient & provider) had their own network status information. I agree that slightly different wording could help eliminate that confusion.

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It’s helpful to know the name is confusing. I have heard others say the same. @Matt FYI


Thanks again for your feedback. Very helpful.

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I have been unable to access the call experience improvements/network status. Is there something I have to activate?

Pamela, if you are using a desktop, you shouldn’t need to do anything. I’m guessing you are seeing it now, but if now, try logging out and logging back in again. It should show in your small video window in the upper right corner of your screen. Just hover over the status bars and you should see a drop down.

If you are on mobile, then this feature is not yet enabled but will be in the near future.