Product Update: You can see patient location again

Hi, community!

As of Wednesday, August 25th, the following updates were made to the platform:

Call Experience Improvements

  • When a patient or provider is using the Safari browser on a Mac device and Safari is blocking Screen Share, a notification is shown to let the user know how to resolve the issue. Previously, in this scenario, the notification guided the user to the incorrect settings group to resolve the issue on their device, but that has now been corrected.

User Experience Improvements

  • The location undetermined bug should be resolved. You should now be able to see the location of your patients via the three-dot menu in the patient queue again, unless their location actually cannot be determined.
  • We have resolved a bug that would occur very occasionally for some patients using Mac devices where the patient check-in screen would have a gray overlay that did not allow the patient to check in.
  • A bug which prevented the addition of GIFs to a provider’s waiting room has now been resolved.

This release also includes many behind-the-scenes security enhancements and performance improvements.

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