vs Zoom Pro

Was using last March. Was thinking of switching back as I really like the waiting room feature but it appears that they have not done anything to improve quality. Can anyone give me honest feedback. Currently using Zoom and PMI feature so I don’t have to send out a unique invitation to every patient, however, it’s a challenge to remove a patient to admit the next. Especially when you are running back to back patients all day.

We use the clinical version of Doxy and will not be switching back to Zoom in the foreseeable future.

After using both products for telemedicine (Zoom and Doxy), I can tell you that Doxy is vastly superior. The platform was designed to be easy for patients to get connected. Less time doing tech stuff and more time talking with your patient/client. This greatly affects your billing as it means the difference between billing a regular session or just a telephonic session (which is at a lower reimbursement rate).

When there are issues, it is normally with the client’s connection isn’t the best.

One thing I will say about Zoom is when a client connects, the video quality is not just better but appears to use less bandwidth as well (which makes clients with limited connectivity easier to see and hear).

You can increase the video quality of Doxy, you just need to set it once connected. It resets the connection quality for each session. I believe this is done to at least get a connection established.

That being said, there have been issues on Doxy’s end here and there. Their uptime history can be found by going to I suggest subscribing to get alerts when they have issues.

I hope this helps!

I also like the ease and simplicity of Doxy compared to Zoom. However, I have been experiencing multiple dropped calls, sometimes multiple times per session. My connection is excellent (ethernet, high speed), and most of my clients also seem fine. Nothing changed technology wise compared to the past 9 months, but dropped calls became very frequent the past 4-6 weeks.

I prefer doxy over my last platform because it is easy for the client to connect. Just tried another platform where the client has to set up their own portal. I tried it and had so much trouble trying to set up a password that I gave up. At Zoom, I could not get anyone to answer my questions which the tutorials did not answer. Never got anywhere with them. Back to I like doxy because it is EASY. Difficult when client connection goes from Poor to Excellent to Poor. That is something on the client’s end. Wish Doxy could do something about that.

Zoom is a bit confusing at first. However, I was running around 1 to 3 dropped calls per session on Doxy, 5 to 8 calls per day, over several,weeks. I just tried Zoom over 4 days, about 18 calls, with zero dropped calls. My IT friend suggested Doxy doesn’t have enough server room to handle the traffic (which happened to Zoom at the beginning of the pandemic, before they added more). I prefer Doxy, but will wait to see if they upgrade before going back from Zoom.

Thanks for all the input. I will be staying with Zoom for now. I use the PMI feature so I don’t have to send a custom link for every session so it works out.
Hope Doxy steps it up in the future.